Buzzword | Three-child policy 三孩政策(Video)


China aims for long-term, balanced population development. (Pic/China daily)


China has adopted three-child policy that allows couples to have three children with the aim of optimizing the country's demographic structure and achieving long-term and balanced population development.


The policy lays out supporting measures in three areas: strengthening child nursery services, reducing the cost of childbearing and improving prenatal and postnatal services.


At a press conference on July 21, Yu Xuejun, deputy head of the National Health Commission (NHC), said the decision is more than just an improvement of the two-child birth policy. "These supporting measures focus on public concerns, integrate birth with marriage, bringing-up and education, and can help unleash the birth potential," he said.

在7月21日的新闻发布会上,国家卫健委副主任于学军表示,这一决定不仅仅是对二孩生育政策的改进。 “这些配套支持措施,聚焦群众关切,将婚嫁、生育、养育、教育一体考虑,有利于释放生育潜能。”于学军说。

China releases decision on three-child policy, supporting measures



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