Buzzword|Biodiversity 生物多样性(video)

What can we do to curb the sixth mass extinction event in the history of planet Earth? And are we running out of time? (Video/CGTN)

May 22 is International Day for Biological Diversity. As scientists warn of a catastrophic wave of extinctions, China is preparing to host the United Nations (UN) COP-15 Summit on conserving biodiversity in southwest China's Kunming city in October.


Environment Minister Huang Runqiu said China will work to make the summit a cornerstone in global efforts.


"As the host of the summit, China will carefully fulfill its duties and obligations, deeply involve itself in global efforts to protect biodiversity, and join with others to contribute its own wisdom and efforts," Huang said. He stressed the situation is dire as reports show that 26 percent of mammal species are on the verge of extinction and so are 41 percent of amphibians and 14 percent of birds. 


In 2010, almost 200 governments agreed to 20 biodiversity targets. None of those targets have been fully achieved. 



Poster/China Daily

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