Buzzword|Carbon finance 碳金融

Tourists admire the skyline view of Lujiazui area at the Bund in Shanghai, east China, Jan. 6, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)

The eastern Chinese city of Shanghai is aiming to build itself into an international carbon finance center amid efforts to reach peak carbon emissions by 2025, five years ahead of China's overall timetable, according to Chen Yin, the city's executive vice mayor.



Carbon finance will be made an important part of the city's push to build itself into an international financial center, Chen told a press conference in Beijing on April 22.



On the same day, leaders of the European Union (EU) voiced their ambition to lead the global climate action especially in regards to the establishment of a well-functioning carbon trading system at the world's leaders' summit on climate.


Infographic/China Daily

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Sources: Xinhua, China Daily