Buzzword|Ecological civilization 生态文明


The wetlands of Pingdu, a county-level city in Qingdao, Shandong province, began seeing a major influx of migratory birds in early December, 2020. [Photo by Tian Dafang/For]

China has taken a positive stance on greener, sustainable development in recent years.




Last year, ecological civilization topped the agenda of the Chinese government. With its impressive efforts to improve ecological conditions, Fujian along with Jiangxi and Guizhou provinces, were declared by the central government as role models for the rest of the country.




The three provinces were designated as pilot zones for ecological civilization in 2016.




Since taking office in 2012, President Xi has been stressing the progress of ecological preservation. His ecological civilization theory reflects a profound shift in China's concept and model of development, and represents the Chinese people's expectations for a better life.




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Collected and edited by Lv Yun

Source:  China Daily