​BRI & Me | Episode 7: China-aided affordable housing project fulfills housing dreams of low- and middle-income Kenyan residents “我从‘一带一路’来”系列采访第七集:中国援建的保障房项目帮肯尼亚中低收入居民圆了安居梦

With a total of 1,370 affordable housing units, the Park Road Affordable Housing Project in Nairobi is one of the key China-aided BRI projects in Kenya.

As the first affordable housing project rolled out by the Kenyan government, it has provided a good living environment for the local low - and middle-income residents and fulfilled their housing dreams.

Cao Jiangtao from China Construction Seventh Engineering Division, former chief engineer of Park Road Affordable Housing Project in Nairobi, Kenya,  tells his story back in Nairobi.

Source: Guangzhou Daily
Video supervisor: Huang Wanhua
Videographers: Su Junjie, Huang Qing

Video editor: Zhen Zhiliang
English subtitle translator: Lyu Yun
English author & editor: Lyu Yun

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