GBA Through the Eyes of Foreign Students | A young Central American’s great efforts to trace his roots in GZ《外国留学生看湾区》第六集:中美洲小伙不远万里来广州寻根

Long before arriving in Guangzhou to study, Eduardo Somoza from El Salvador, already had a dream. He dreamed of tracing his roots in China. 

His great grandfather left Guangzhou around the 1920s and had kept in touch with the relatives in Guangzhou until  in 1984 when the old man passed away. Then his family in El Salvador lost any contact with the relatives in China. 

In 2020, Eduardo Somoza finally met his relatives in Guangzhou, which was described by him “a gorgeous and amazing moment.” How did he manage to find his roots in Guangzhou? Click to find out.

Profile   (个人档案)

Name: Somoza Viana Eduardo Jose


Nationality: El Salvador


University: South China University of Technology


Major: Electrical engineering and automation


Grade: Sophomore


Source: Guangzhou Daily
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Video supervisor: Lyu Yun
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Lin Xiahong contributed to this story.