​Video | Traditional Cantonese Cuisine: Cantonese Beef Offal 广式牛杂

Beef offal (niu za) is a popular snack in Guangzhou. Generally, a bowl of beef offal consists of beef lungs, beef bladders, tripe, beef intestine and so on.

This video features beef offal produced by Auntie Beef Offal (阿姨牛杂), an eatery with 30 years' history. Even its chili sauce is lauded by customers as having unique‘auntie flavor.’

Full text of the video transcript:

Since 1988, our family have been working hard for 32 years.

We used to sell beef offal by trolley on the street.

Being a child at that time, I helped to tidy up chairs.

Our eatery didn't have a name at first since it had been developed from street peddling.

Some regular customers would say, “Go to eat beef offal at Ayi's (Auntie's), so we named the eatery as Auntie Beef Offal.

Beef lungs and beef bladders cost less, but few people would order.

Thus, in our beef offal, there are only tripe and beef intestine. No other parts are added.

Beef lungs and beef bladders are skewered separately, and they can be ordered separately by those who prefer.

The chili sauce we use is developed on our own. We use fresh chili to make the chili sauce, without any addictives.

Some regular customers are used to our chili sauce. Once they taste it, they would say, “It's Auntie's flavor.”

Many people asked me to open branches, but we won't consider that.

Only you cook beef offal with your own hands can you guarantee its flavor.

We do business with familiar customers, with auntie's flavor, and auntie's spirit. 

Address: Auntie Beef Offal, No.5, Nanshengdong Lane, Beijing Road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou

Translated by Wu Qin (intern), Lyu Yun
Supervised and Edited by Lyu Yun
Video editors: Wu Qin (intern), Lu Kaisheng, Zhen Zhiliang
Source: Douyin account of Gourmet Guide (Meishi Daoba, 美食导报)