Buzzword|A community for all life on Earth 地球生命共同体


A bird's-eye view of Sanjiangyuan National Park, Qinghai province. [Photo provided to China Daily]


Chinese Vice-Premier Han Zheng called for active steps to promote ecological conservation and restoration and to strengthen ecosystem resilience so as to protect Earth when he was attending the leaders' summit of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) held in Kunming on Oct. 12.



It is hoped that all parties at the conference, with the greatest political determination, will respond to the enormous challenges facing biodiversity, jointly launch a new process of global biodiversity governance, and contribute wisdom and strength to building a community for all life on Earth, Han noted.



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biodiversity  生物多样性 (请戳往期链接)

a community of life for man and nature 人与自然生命共同体 (请戳往期链接)

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a global community of health for all  人类卫生健康共同体 (请戳往期链接)

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Source: China Daily