China adjusts suspension policy for int'l flights


Photo/Guangzhou Daily

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced on April 28 that it will adjust suspension measures for China-bound passenger flights on which COVID-19 cases were found. The new rule will go into trial operation from tomorrow (May 1).

According to the latest adjustment, the carrier can choose whether to have its flight suspended or to reduce the on-board passenger capacity, if the number of passengers detected with COVID-19 reaches five:

1. The flight will be halted for two weeks starting from the fourth week after its entry into China, with its award flight canceled at the same time;

2. The passenger capacity on the flight should be capped at 40 percent for four weeks, starting the fourth week after its arrival.

—The number of infected passengers reaches 10 on a flight: The flight will be suspended for four weeks, starting from the fourth week after its arrival.

If two consecutive flights of a carrier reported 10 COVID-19 cases or above on board, respectively, the suspension will take effect from the week it entered China and last for eight weeks.

—The number of infected passengers reaches 30 on a flight: The flight suspension will start from that week and remain in place for four weeks.

According to the CAAC, if a flight had reduced its passenger capacity over COVID-19 infections on board but again detected five new cases or more, the flight can no longer be handled with the policy of limiting passenger capacity for three months. Furthermore, the flight will be halted for two weeks from the week it entered China if five infections were found, and for four weeks if 10 cases were registered.

As per the previous mechanism for inbound flights introduced by the CAAC in last December, a flight suspension will last for two weeks if the number of passengers testing positive reaches five, and four weeks if the number reaches 10.

Author & editor: Becky