Morning News | Feb. 24

Welcome to Morning News. It is Feb. 24, Wednesday. 18-29℃, sunny.

Two cold waves are forecast to hit Guangdong in the next few days. The first cold snap is expected to arrive between Feb 25 and 26 (Lantern Festival) with rainfalls, bringing obvious temperature drop in northern Guangdong, while the second one will arrive between March 1 and 2.




1. Each residential community and village across Guangzhou should be equipped with at least one comprehensive elderly care service center, according to a circular issued by the city's Civil Affairs Bureau recently.


2. Urban planners from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions can now provide professional services in Guangdong province, provided they register first, according to a notice released by the Guangdong Department of Natural Resources on Monday. 


3. Teachers should not let parents grade or check students' homework, the Ministry of Education said on Tuesday.


4. Chinese drugmaker Sinopharm said people aged 3 to 17 who are currently not included in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout will soon become eligible to receive inoculation.


5. China is exporting COVID-19 vaccines to 27 countries and providing free vaccine aid to 53 countries in need, foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.


6. Hong Kong said Tuesday that the WTO trade dispute settlement body has agreed to its request for establishing a dispute settlement panel over the U.S. new requirement on origin marking for Hong Kong products.


7. The Chinese mainland reported no new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 12 new imported cases on Tuesday, the National Health Commission said Wednesday.


8. China's Tianwen 1 robotic probe entered its preset parking orbit above Mars on Wednesday and will fly in this orbit for about three months before releasing its landing capsule, said the China National Space Administration.



Illustration of Tianwen 1 probe entering Martian obit. [Photo provided to China Daily]




1. India is reportedly in the process of approving 45 pending investment proposals from China as their frosty ties show signs of thawing with the recent breakthrough in a nearly nine-month-long border standoff.


2. The European Commission has called on six EU countries—Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Sweden—to ease border controls they have in place to slow the spread of the virus.


3. Spain has decided to extend its travel ban on arrivals from the UK, Brazil and South Africa until March 16 amid concerns over the variants that were first discovered in those countries.


4. Japan is considering lifting its coronavirus state of emergency in six out of the 10 prefectures under the measure at the end of February.


5. Food supplies have been restored in the U.S. state of Texas as most supermarkets operate normally on Tuesday after a devastating winter storm.


6. European Football's governing body UEFA has announced the Under-19 European Championship for both men and women has been canceled amid the pandemic.


7. More than a dozen pilot whales have died and many others remain stranded near a narrow sand spit at the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island despite people's efforts to move them out back to sea, authorities said on February 23.


8. European stock markets slumped Tuesday after a positive start, with worries about rising inflation offsetting optimism over reopened economies, according to traders.


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Sources: Xinhua; China Daily; CGTN; People's Daily APP