Non-permanent residents can apply for stay extension outside HK


Aerial photo taken on July 16, 2020 shows Wan Chai of south China's Hong Kong. [Xinhua/Lui Siu Wai]

Non-permanent residents of Hong Kong, whose limit of stay is about to expire or has expired, can apply for extension of stay outside Hong Kong, if they are unable to return timely for the application, said the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional (HKSAR) government in a recent circular.

In general, persons admitted into Hong Kong should apply for their extension of stay within four weeks prior to the expiration of their limit of stay. Applicants should be in Hong Kong both at the time of their application and collection of relevant labels (for approved applications).

Due to the changeable, worsening situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic, however, some individuals outside Hong Kong—with their limit of stay about to expire or already expired—may not be able to return to Hong Kong timely to apply for their extension of stay.

Those whose limit of stay is about to expire within four weeks, or has expired for less than 12 months, can apply to the Immigration Department for an extension with required supporting documents. Such materials include a completed application form, supporting documents for extension application, and a letter specifying the details of their inability to return to Hong Kong for the formalities, according to the department.

If the applicants continue to meet the eligibility criteria in accordance with relevant immigration policy/scheme, the department may issue a visa or entry permit to the applicants for their return to Hong Kong within the validity period of the visa or entry permit.

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Author & editor: Becky