GZ buses now support credit card payment

Citizens and visitors in Guangzhou are now able to pay for rides on over 16,000 public buses with UnionPay IC credit card or mobile phone with such cards attached, the Guangzhou Public Transport group announced recently. Such buses also include tram, BRT and water bus.

Passengers can tap to pay with a UnionPay IC credit card that meets the following conditions:

1. Card number should start with "62";

2. Support Quick Pass service, i.e, having one of these two logos on the card;





3. Support password-free payment of small expenses.

Citizens can also pay for their rides with their mobile phones or wearable payment devices after binding their UnionPay account, either of debit card or credit card, to such devices and complete a password, fingerprint or face verification.

For the time being, cellphones and wearable devices of seven brands — Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, Apple and Samsung — support such Quick Pass payment of UnionPay.

Author & editor: Becky

Photos: Guangzhou Public Transport; unionpay.com