Chinese mainland to dispatch groups of about 60 medical experts to support HK


Residents wearing masks or face shields buy vegetables at a street market in Hong Kong on July 26. (Photo/CHINA NEWS SERVICE via China Daily)

At the request of the HKSAR Government, the National Health Commission of China has formed a "Mainland Nucleic Acid Testing Support Team" to assist Hong Kong in fighting the epidemic in the near future.

This team consists of about 60 clinical laboratory technicians from more than 20 public hospitals in Guangdong Province, and seven of the members will go to Hong Kong to assist in testing work on August 2.

A support team for a makeshift hospital was established too, which is made of up of six experts with practical experience in Wuhan. The team will provide technical support for the conversion of the Hong Kong Asia World-Expo into a makeshift hospital .

The NHC will mobilize medical resources from the mainland to provide more support in accordance with the needs of Hong Kong to fight COVID-19.

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Hong Kong's first COVID-19 temporary hospital starts operating

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's (HKSAR) first temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients started operating on Saturday. It received the first group of more than 20 patients, according to CGTN reporter Zhu Dan.


Asia World-Expo in the HKSAR, China, August 1, 2020. (Photo/CCTV via CGTN)

The temporary hospital, located in the venue housing the Asia World-Expo, will mainly treat coronavirus patients aged 18-60. The 500-bed facility provides 24-hour medical services, lung X-rays and blood tests.

On its first operational weekend, the hospital is expected to receive 30 patients each day.

Around a dozen nurses and two doctors are on duty on Saturday to take care the patients.

A medical expert said the temporary hospital is designed to receive patients with mild symptoms and confirmed patients awaiting to be hospitalized.


The internal view of the temporary COVID-19 hospital at Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong, China, August 1, 2020. (Photo/Hong Kong's Hospital Authority via CGTN)

The HKSAR has a total of 3,272 confirmed COVID-19 cases and with 17 deaths as of Friday, and the number of newly diagnosed patients has exceeded 100 in 10 days.

Source: People's Daily, CGTN

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