​Buzzword | Identity theft 身份盗用


Gou Jing's high school graduation certificate. [Photo/CCTV news]

Shandong province has set up a special group to investigate cases involving people who qualified for college enrolment by illegal means like identity theft


Two cases of identity theft involving college students in Shandong province attracted public attention these days. 

Chen Chunxiu, a farmer's daughter, found her identity was stolen by another woman years ago and that the woman attended college in place of her. Soon after, another woman named Gou Jing publicized her similar experience saying that her identity was stolen by her head teacher's daughter.  

According to a notice released on Friday on the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection website, a total of 15 people have been held accountable in Gou Jing's identity theft case involving college entrance in Shandong province.

Collected by Fu Shiyi

Edited by Lv Yun

Source: China Daily